Food is such an intimate, emotional and obviously important part of life. And, I do food marketing as a job – hubby does tourism, so it’s a really big part of our lives especially.

I’ve always had a funny deal with food – until I was 20, I weekly or daily would have what my mom and I had always called “low blood sugar” attacks. My fatigue would be uncontrollable and my mood would swing to grumpy, sad, and 100% indecisive. Eating something would usually make me functional.

Eating clean, healthy foods is the only way I’ve been able to keep functioning at a somewhat normal pace. So, I’m here to share my delicious recipes that are nourishing, homemade and completely clean.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a collagen disorder that effects basically the way the entire body works. It’s a rare, or rarely diagnosed, disorder that has no cure. So, I’m actively trying to manage and reduce its effects.  Mostly focusing on strength training and reducing chronic pain through physical therapy, diet, and medicine.

Crafts & DIY.

I’m crafty by nature and love to crochet, paper craft, and decorate. Gardening and home projects are a newer found passion, and I love to share cute, thrifty and productive ideas.


I’ve been into photography for a long time, and just beginning to learn where to specialize and focus my time and energy. I love wedding photography, food photography, and nature. I’m an amateur at best, but it’s always fun to dream and share.

Contact Me.

Talk to me on Twitter or Instagram! Or if you prefer, you can email me here: organicallycrafty AT gmail DOT com