Quick 2015 recap and onwards

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and with good reason! This year has been a whirlwind. And, since we’re about a week from the new year, I thought I’d give a quick recap and hopefully a new push into the new year.

In 2015, both my husband and I switched jobs, we bought a house, moved, and adopted a dog. I was also diagnosed with a chronic illness, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and a whole bunch of co-existing conditions to go along with it, so we’ve been overwhelmed with doctor’s appointments, medical bills, and lifelong changes.

Ehlers Danlos is a complicated, rarely diagnosed connective tissue disorder than explains a lot of my otherwise unexplainable issues – from hypermobility to chonic fatigue and pain – almost everything I’ve been dealing with throughout my life and especially over the last few years now has a reason – and it’s not that I’m crazy or it’s all in my head. So that’s a little reassurance.

I’ve been working hard to keep a positive and proactive attitude about the diagnosis and prognosis. Being proactive is important with EDS- there is no cure, and I’ve decided it’s mostly like a description for the way my body is built.

With EDS, I’ve been seeing a lot of different doctors. Most recently, I’ve been seeing a pain management doctor who recommended that I start eating on an Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet, basically a really restrictive paleo diet. I was skeptical about its benefits, but I’m almost 2 months into the diet and feeling a lot better. EDS is not an autoimmune disease, so I think that the diet is actually helping my coexisting conditions, like dysautonomia and POTS, more than the EDS itself. But, more on that later.

I’ve found so many resources online, and I’ve been taking it as a cooking challenge, which has been a fun way to look at it. So, I thought I should start contributing on the online resources and community with recipes and things I’ve learned. Community is really important with this stuff! So just like I’ve said many years over, maybe 2016 will be the year I stick with this blog.

Cheers to the new year, new recipes, more photos, and more crafting!


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