DIY Thank You Cards

First off, let’s say that I’m a wedding newbie. I never dreamed of my wedding or what it would be like. So, when I got engaged I really had no idea what to do. We (or maybe only I) just wanted to tie the knot and be married. Our family, friends, estranged family and friends, have been so excited and supportive. Which has really been great, but it’s also been a little overwhelming.

After we sent out our Save the Dates we started receiving wedding gifts. We were SHOCKED. We had just started the registry a few days earlier, so our extra supportive family was right on our tails. Our registry or website wasn’t even on our Save the Dates. You see what I mean? They’re pretty tricky and super excited for us.

As soon as they started arriving, I realized we needed thank you cards. And, instead of just getting a few generic ones for a steep price, we went the DIY route once more. Even better, it was really easy.

I downloaded a few free fonts from this site and started playing around with the design. At this point, we were only a little bit sure of what our colors would be. Luckily, we had those amazing photographs from our engagement pictures to help guide the design.

Have I mentioned that I’m absolutely obsessed with our photographer for the wedding? Catalina Jean, you are amazing.

It’s seriously so easy to do, and for this price and so many thank yous (we had no idea how many to order) it’s totally worth it. Plus, it’s a great DIY project and easy expense at the beginning of the wedding process.

Total Cost: $115.22 for 200 Thank you Cards, Envelopes and Return Address Stickers

  • Google some coupons, you’ll find plenty.

Photographer: Catalina Jean Photography

Design tool: Photoshop Elements

  • Size your canvas to the front page of the card or exactly double the size (we used 5×7 to design)
  • Place your selected engagement photo
  • Pick a color from the wedding and draw a rectangle across the bottom of the card and less than 1/3 up on the photo
  • On top the color, write “Thank You!”

Text: Matchbook

DIY thank you


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