How to Clean Peanut Butter out of an iPhone

How completely embarrassing is it that I’m writing this post right now? SOMEHOW this afternoon, the most disgusting peanut butter disaster happened. A jar of natural, unrefrigerated (read: extra sticky and smooth) spilled ALL OVER MY PURSE.



Only I would have a tub of natural peanut butter and a box of tofu in my purse.

This morning, I brought a jar of peanut butter for my bread at work. I had a delicious breakfast, then just tucked the peanut butter jar in my purse (SEALED!), so I wouldn’t forget it this afternoon. All went well until I was leaving this after work. When I was walking to my car, I noticed a slight nutty smell, and figured I would check on it once I got to my car. LESSON 1: NEVER PUT PEANUT BUTTER IN YOUR PURSE.  LESSON 2: NEVER IGNORE PEANUT BUTTER SMELL.

So, I get to my car (mind you: with tripod, groceries and laptop in hand), and search for my keys in my purse. What do i find? A HANDFUL OF PEANUT BUTTER. Fantastic. But really, I can’t stop laughing because really who spills peanut butter in their purse and is surprised to find a handful of peanut butter?! Luckily, the nut butter didn’t harm any of my lip balm, spare change, old receipts or bobby pins – just my wallet, checks, keys and iPhones. LESSON 3: DO NOT USE PURSE AS GROCERY BAG.

Now, I’m halfway across the parking lot at work with thousands of dollars of equipment in my hands and a purse full of peanut butter. (Wow. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence…) I can’t go back in and leave my things on the sidewalk. So I dig through my peanut butter purse and find the keys. Peanut butter soaked keys. As much as possible, I try to wipe away the peanut butter before I press the unlock button on the key. Detaching the car key from the rest, I finally get the car unlocked and find some paper towels hidden in the console. LESSON 4: ALWAYS KEEP EXTRA NAPKINS/PAPER TOWELS IN THE CAR. Also, wet wipes are handy – keep those, too.

Long story short, TONS OF PEANUT BUTTER EVERYWHERE. And, 30 minutes later, I finally get out of the parking lot.

When I get home, I have to once again clean off my keys to get into the damn house and continue the clean up. Lucky for me, I have two iPhones (work & personal), both submerged in peanut butter. And, in the best part – Speakers and charger. After searching Google for “peanut butter in iPhone” I found one other unfortunate soul who also experienced this situation. No such luck, all advice failed for them and no good suggestions for clean up. LESSON 5: ALWAYS GOOGLE. EVERYTHING EXISTS.

So, when I got home I immediately put my phones in the fridge. Why? Because it’s June and 85 degrees. (NOTE: Do not place in the freezer – I think that condensation is more likely.) The peanut butter is a liquid mess. I wait at least 2 hours while venting about my phone incident and looking up prices of new phones/making dinner.

After a few more Google searches, I find that cleaning dust out of your charger/speakers is best to do with an old, dry & clean toothbrush. Check – travel toothbrush sitting in my make up bag finally going to good use.

So- I just cleaned both phones and tested them with my existing charger. Both are charging and crisis averted – for now.

I seriously hope that someone who finds this, maybe years or months from now, gets some good use out of this. Save yourself a few hundred bucks and peanut butter in phone stress.


  1. Accidentally submerge your phone in peanut butter (okay – maybe also applicable for almond butter, coconut oil, regular butter or some other thick semi-liquid substance whatever you’ve gotten yourself into. No judgement, just read my story above…)
  2. Immediately remove case.
  3. Clean as much as possible with dry, paper towel. Do not try to dig around in the mechanisms/charging area.
  4. Place in refrigerator for at least two hours, but monitor condensation.
  5. Use clean, dry toothbrush to gently clean the affected area.
  6. Test with phone charger.


Let me know if you’ve had the same, terrible experience below…


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