Turn Jeans into Denim Yarn


I was determined to make denim yarn last year. I wanted to crochet a denim hammock, but I didn’t have the patience to cut up that many jeans. Turns out, you’ll need tons of jeans for that.

Instead, you might try crocheting the denim yarn into a granny square to make a small rug. Or something like that.

Any other ideas? Let me know! I’d love to test more things out with this yarn. Plus, it’s extremely easy to make!

How to make denim yarn, you ask? Well, here you go:

  1. Find a pair of old jeans to cut up
    Denim Yarn
  2. Cut along the smaller outer seam of one leg of the jeans. Then, cut horizontally across one leg of the jeans starting at the thick seam and stop about 1/2 an inch before the end of the fabric. See photo below.

    Denim Yarn

  3. Unfold the fabric, and it should look like the photo below.
    Denim Yarn
  4. Next, pick one side and cut through to the seam from the middle cut. Rotate extending the cut from each side, as shown in the photo below.
    Denim yarn
  5. And now you have the denim yarn!!

Denim Yarn



2 thoughts on “Turn Jeans into Denim Yarn

  1. Wanda says:

    Hi just wanted to share another way to make yarn from jeans. (It makes the yarn not have any corners.) Once u cut off the top of the jeans, (don’t cut them longways) start cutting the jean at an angle (from the top) & keep cutting till u get all the way to the bottom of the jean leg. I cut mine all the way round & around until finished. The only thing you have to do to keep the jean yarn continuing is angle your scissors to jog up to the next round of curtting. Hope this makes sense? 😉


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