Top 10 Favorite Wine Crafts

While your New Years Resolution may be to drink less wine, mine is exactly the opposite. Seeing all the awesome things you can do with leftover corks and wine bottles inspires my crafty side to drink more. I think Pinterest has turned me into an aspiring alcoholic. But, as popular as my “Wine Crafts” board is on Pinterest, I can’t be the only one.

I guess my wine obsession started earlier than Pinterest (Shh… I may not have been 21). In college, my friends and I would bring a bottle of wine to a party instead of a fifth of Burnetts. My obsession with corks started around then, too.  We were so set on saving corks, we’d wake up with corks in the back pocket of our jeans all the time.

We found lots of really creative uses for our wine bottle, too.

Example #1. My friend had a sunburn. We’re in a dorm room, so the only logical thing to do was to cool it with a wine bottle. Obviously.

wine bottle as cold compress

Wine therapy for sunburns

At least Pinterest has helped steer my wine obsession toward classy. But, it’s still not classy to walk into a house and see evidence that this person drinks way too much wine. The solution is not to drink less, it’s just to give all these neat crafts as gifts instead of keeping them all for yourself. And, that brings me to example #2.

Example #2: Decorate wine glasses and give them as cheap birthday gifts. Another friend gave this to me for my birthday a few years ago. I still have it and love it! Perfect birthday gift for the wino in your life. Decorating the actual cup part of a wine glass is a big no-no though. The paint rubs off or falls off as soon as condensation forms on the outside of the glass (Oh, there’s that college degree talking: condensation.).

decorated wine glass

Birthday wine glass

Or, you could try one of these prettier crafts found on Pinterest. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Wine Bottle and Cork Crafts, in no particular order.


I love this wine bottle fountain using a recycled wine rack. Prefect garden decoration.


These wine bottles are just epsom salt and spray painted white. Easy, easy.


This is cute and doesn’t take many corks. Cut them in half to make the corks last even longer (unless you have way too many already).


What a great welcome to party goers. This is so cute! Click to see lots more wreaths on etsy


Essential for every college wino, but probably not acceptable in the workplace.


Now, this is a wine cork chandelier. I would love one of these!


It can be a little difficult to glue them together, so take your time and make sure not to be drinking too much wine.


Who can survive the holidays without wine?


Leftover yarn is always such a pain to get rid of. This is the perfect low-cost solution.


Spray paint, glitter and stencils is all you need for this one.

There’s my list for now. Stay tuned for a challenge accepted post… Much more wine crafts to come! After all, it is my new years resolution.


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