How To Dry Lavender: 3 Easy Steps

I saw a recipe for creamy lavender celery bisque this morning. I thought, how cool would it be if I could use my homegrown lavender? I looked into how to dry lavender and found a tutorial on wikihow. Of course, I’ve decided to make this a much more straight forward photo tutorial. See my photo tutorial below about how to dry lavender in three easy steps!

Supplies: Shears/scissors and ball of string
Time Needed: 20 minutes
Until Dry: 1 month

  1. Cut lavender just above the leaves, so you have a long stem.

    How to dry lavender
    Fresh lavender

  2. Tie each stem separately, close to the cut end with a long piece of string and loop the ends. Tie all the loops together.

    How To Dry Lavender

  3. With the loop, hang the lavender to dry. It should be in a dark, dry place. Let sit for one month.
    How to Dry Lavender

Now you can have dried lavender in three easy steps! Also, in one month, stay tuned for my trial of that creamy celery bisque with my homegrown dried lavender.


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