My Urban Garden in Photos

I live in a duplex in an alley of a small city. House hunting is almost impossible in here, and when I asked the landlord if the house had sun at all, he said I would be able to sit and tan on the patio. I tried to explain that I wanted to plant a garden, but he didn’t understand. So, we just had to take our chances and sign the lease. In the fall, we only had a few hours of sun in our backyard, and I was a little disappointed in the garden possibilities. However, now that it’s the spring, the sun is in a different position and all the morning and early afternoon sun reaches my little plants.

During the past few weeks, the weather here as been amazing. My plants are beyond happy, and they’re growing up so quickly. Although the patio is all cement, we’ve found some ways to have a garden anyway. I turned an old plastic dresser into three raised beds and a mini greenhouse. Egg cartons have been great for starting seeds, and old yogurt containers have been good for transplanting. I have a few pots from last year that I’ve been using too. See the photo progress below!

Also, you can track my potato plant progress on two different Slow Food posts.

My new hanging strawberry basket from the Tuesday Farmer’s Market.

My yellow pear tomato plant from the Tuesday Farmer’s Market.

My roommate planted lots of seeds and can’t remember what this one is. Any thoughts?

Instead of candy, people were throwing baby trees at a parade my roommate went to last weekend. Now, we have a potted baby tree.

I’ve been trying to clean up the thorny bushes and weeds coming through our chain-link fence and bamboo shield, but a few plants were ruthless and grow back constantly. Finally, I realized this weed was actually mint. When you cut mint into pieces, they take root and multiply. Now, we have never ending mint. I don’t really trust wherever this mint came from though.

Our surprise mint plants. in the gutter between the cement and our fence.

My roommate’s dancing snow peas.

This kale is growing so fast. I have to go get some Slug-O though because they’re being attacked!

I think I may need to rearrange these. The romanesco and salad greens are a little crowded.

That’s my update for now. Any suggestions for my garden? I’m just beginning, so this is all trial and error for me.


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