How To Make Homemade Greenhouses

The weather here has been amazing lately, but when I started my mini urban garden, that wasn’t the case. I had a small plastic dresser outside all winter that kept all my garden supplies. The plastic drawer didn’t hold up so well through the winter, so I decided to dismantle it and use it as a planter instead. At first, this was as far as my idea went. I poked holes in the bottom for drainage and filled them up with soil.

I found that I had all these other pieces from the shelving of the drawers that fit perfectly on top the drawers. Suddenly, I had a genius idea. I was determined to make an upcycled greenhouse with plastic drawers, painter’s plastic, a stapler, scissors and a hot glue gun. My roommates thought I had really lost it, but I went for it. So, here’s a short photo story on how to make a greenhouse.

I made three prototypes to see which one worked best. See the photos below.

Blue shelving piece and planter box drawer. Step one.

Painter’s plastic and blue shelf. Step two.

Unroll and place shelf in the center. I treated it like wrapping a present.

Wrapped it up and stapled where I could. Step Three.

Finished product of prototype #1. Benefits: Stable base. Disadvantages: Doesn’t hold up well in the rain.

Finished prototype #2. Benefits: Holds up better in rain. Disadvantages: Unstable base.

The final greenhouse prototype was the best, but I had to hot glue sticks to the blue plastic and wrap the painter’s plastic around the whole square. It was much more stable and held up through the inches of rain we had. The weather got really nice, and I don’t really need a greenhouse for lettuce, kale and romenesco anymore though, so I have these guys on top of my other plant starts for now.

Prototype #3. Benefits: Stable and more rain resistant. Disadvantages: Difficult to construct, especially when using found branches and hot glue.

A close-up of the sticks and plastic.

Have you ever done something like this? Any advice?


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