Seashell Wreaths

When I was growing up, we always lived by or vacationed at the beach. During all those years, my family and I collected and created lots of nautical decorations for our house. My dad was obsessed with glass fishing floats and sand dollars.  Sometimes he even pushed old ladies or children out of the way if one of these things was sitting on the beach. However, my mom was a little more reserved in her beach obsession and stuck to creating beachy crafts for our house. This seashell wreath is one of her favorites, and we’ve decided to share it with all of you!

This handmade decorative seashell wreath is for indoors only. This one is 14 inches in diameter and is covered in shells. The backing is straw. We’ll take custom seashell wreath orders and sizes as well.We’re asking much less money than most, and at $30 this seashell wreath, or one like it, can be yours. If you’re interested leave a comment below!

All wreaths are different because no two shells are alike!

A great wall hanging or festive centerpiece.

A close detail shot of the shells and quality


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