How to Make a Yarn Pompom

A few people have tried to show me how to make pompoms, but I’ve never found one way I really like. They’ve always been much more complicated that I’d like. That is, until now! Here’s the easiest and fastest way to make a pompom. I’ve been using these pompoms for gift wrapping, but you could just as easily add them to anything like hats, gloves, scarves or general decorations. And, FYI this pompom is not washing machine safe!

All you need is your hands, yarn and scissors.

Here are the step-by-step directions:

  1. All you do is wrap the yarn around your hand several times. Start like this:

  2. Loosely wrap the yarn around your fingers like the photo below. You don’t want it to be too tight. Keep your fingers spread apart for a larger pompom, and only wrap a few fingers for a smaller pompom. How many times you wrap the yarn around will depend on how big or full you want your pompom. This one is a really big one, so it requires a lot of yarn to stay full and puffy!

  3. When you’ve wrapped enough times, carefully slide the pompom off your hand and cut off the end. Then, cut another piece of yarn at least twice as long as your yarn circle.

  4. Carefully tie the string you just cut around the middle of the yarn circle so it looks like this:

  5. Insert the scissors into the loops you have now and cut all the way across. Repeat for the other side. Like this:

  6. Now take your ends attached to the center tie. Keep a hold of those and fluff the pompom out. Use those ties to secure the pompom to whatever you’re attaching it to.

If you’re looking for some variations besides size (because those little pompoms are absolutely adorable) you can do multi-colored pompoms. Just wrap multiple yarn strands at the same time. Basically, use two or more balls of different colored yarn to wrap!


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