Simple Scarf with Fringe

I’ve been slacking on my crochet lately, but I just taught myself to make stripes and a fringe on a scarf! I have the hardest time reading patterns online or out of books. Usually I’m always wanting more photos or description than a complex code of letters, dashes and asterisks. So, I’m going to give you a photo crochet pattern that will give you a fringe on your scarf!

First, of course, you must start with a scarf. Luckily, making scarfs is very easy. I made this one with a simple single crochet pattern. I chained 17 stitches with my first yarn color (blue), turned and single crocheted until the end of the row. Then, all you have to do is turn and repeat until you feel like it is long enough. Then, fasten off. Start the next color (gray) on each of the ends of the scarf. I single crocheted two rows of the second color and fastened off. To complete the two rows of stripes, repeat two single crochet rows with first color, again with the second color, and finish with first color.  My result was this:

Now, to the more exciting photo crochet pattern for a scarf fringe/tassles:

Since my scarf is 17 stitches across, I used 17 strings roughly the same length. These were about 3 inches long (nine gray, eight blue).

Start with one string and tie a loose knot in the middle

Insert your needle into the loop.

Insert needle into first single crochet.

Grab both loose ends and pull through.

It should look like this when you take the needle out!

Repeat the fringe steps with alternating colors!

How easy was that?!


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