Summer Kombucha Batch

I first tried kombucha in the fall, and I was instantly addicted. Since kombucha is so expensive in at the store, I started brewing it. My first batch had some issues, but I’m hoping for fewer problems this time!

For those of you who don’t know, kombucha is basically a fermented tea. It’s supposed to be really good for you and give you lots of energy! I bought my starter from Oregon Kombucha, but most people get their kombucha from someone they know.

My method:

  • Bring 16 cups of water to a near boil.
  • Brew 12 black tea bags for 4 minutes. Make sure there is no oil in the ingredients of the tea.
  • Remove tea and stir in one cup of sugar.
  • Let the tea cool to room temperature and place into clean glass bowl or jar. This time I used a glass ice tea jar and a gallon glass wine jug. In general, the wider the jar, the quicker the brewing.
  • Cover the container with cheesecloth or a clean t-shirt.
  • Wait one week until checking it.

More instructions to come as the brew progresses!



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